The road to the Fluffo Building was not straight or flat. There were ups and downs and major bends that I could not see around. My patience was tested but my determination was strengthened beyond what I knew I possessed. I had been looking for a space since July. Very few options were out there and even fewer were even feasible for a yoga studio. Needless to say, I hadn’t found the right fit until November. I had an appointment to see “the Fluffo Building,” a space that my Realtor (who we’ll call R-1) was excited about and had arranged an appointment with the Realtor (R-2) representing the building owners. In typical Nashville form, I happened to sit next to Realtor #2 at the Family Wash one night while I was literally wandering the streets all alone and killing time until it was time to go to sleep. I overheard his conversation about businesses and buildings and butted right in. I was just curious what he did for a living. I found out that he was a realtor, so I mentioned that I had an appointment to view a building in a couple of days. He didn’t let on that he knew what I was talking about at first but then slyly indicated that HE was in fact the representing realtor. It turned out that my appointment would not have worked out and I would have never gotten to see Fluffo except for the fact that I had run into R-2 on that very night and butted into his conversation.

And so I saw the space the following morning, and it was THE ONE! I was immediately interested….. more like had to have it. I thought it would be as simple as that but 2 months after that day, I was still trying to sign a lease and felt like I was spinning my wheels trying to make something happen from across the country. Each passing day was literally excruciating as I waited and waited to receive a lease agreement in my inbox. Finally, I decided that I would have to take care of it in person. I booked myself a flight to Nashville to try to meet with the owners of the building. I had no appointment or guarantee that my trip would be profitable but I boarded that plane in faith. Once I arrived in Nashville, I was able to get an appointment to meet the owner’s of the building to discuss the possible lease. The meeting and the trip turned out to be worthwhile beyond expectation! After a round or two rapid-fire questioning (from the owners) of my plans and abilities to make this dream happen, I was finally able to convince them that I could do it. I understood where they were coming from – they were looking out for themselves and me. They didn’t want me to start something that I could not finish and just lose money. After a couple rounds of Fat Bottom beers, and discussions on that what’s, when’s, and how’s, it came down to a good old-fashioned handshake! Just what I would expect from Nashville, and just what I flew down there to get.

It also helped immensely that the one owner’s wife did hot yoga and was in full support of the business. As the owner later told me, he runs every potential business/tenant past his wife, and if she doesn’t like it, it doesn’t make the cut because “if the women don’t like a business, than it won’t succeed.” Well, it makes sense to me, and it worked in my favor.

And here we are today, about halfway through construction in my dream space – the Fluffo building. These are the walls. Soon we’ll be there practicing our Half Moon Pose, taking Savasanas, and making more friends over Fat Bottom beers and kombucha.