Hot yoga classes will challenge the student both physically and mentally. The student will learn mental strength through the discipline of working hard in an environment that goes beyond their comfort zone. It is through the patience and diligence exerted in this practice, that the student learns how to maintain a sense of calmness in the face of adversity – both inside and outside the hot yoga studio. The following guidelines should be followed to maintain a strong and respectful practice environment:

  • Stay in the room. Do your best never to leave the room during class. If an emergency requires you to leave, please leave and re-enter between postures.
  • Practice stillness between postures to develop your own mental strength and to avoid distracting your fellow students.
  • Honor the practice and your fellow students by moving quietly during the poses and between postures.
  • Focus on only yourself in the front mirror.
  • Drink water only at designated water breaks and between postures.
  • Do not bring personal items (such as cell phones, purses, keys) into the yoga room other than your mat, towel, and water bottle. The studio is locked during class, and your possessions are safe in the locker room.
  • Do not wear strongly-scented perfumes or lotions in class (you may wash off prior to class).
  • New Students: Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes before class for registration and orientation.